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Class Materials for Story Of The Bible (Quarter 2, Children)

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52 KB - The syllabus for the class.
42 KB - Chapter-by-chapter summaries (about 5 words each) for the book of Genesis.
50 KB - A description of a major theme of Genesis (God keeping His promises) and three minor themes.
70 KB - A family tree for many of the people in Genesis.
65 KB - Covers the Creation story of Genesis 1-2.
63 KB - Covers the first sin (Genesis 3), Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) and the genealogy of Adam to Noah (Genesis 5).
45 KB - Covers Noah's life and the time period of The Flood (Genesis 6-10).
49 KB - Covers the Scattering of the People (Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel) and the beginning of the Patriarchs (Genesis 12, Intro to Abraham).
43 KB - Covers Abraham and Lot (Genesis 13-14), demonstrations of Abraham's faith (Genesis 15 and 17), and Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 16).
44 KB - Covers the events leading up to the birth and sacrifice of Isaac.
44 KB - Covers Isaac's life, the birth of Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's deception.
45 KB - Covers Jacob's interactions with Laban, Jacob's marriages, and his children.
45 KB - Covers Jacob's wrestling, Jacob's reconciliation with Esau, Shechem and Dinah, and Jacob's renaming to Israel.
44 KB - Covers Joseph being sold into slavery, Judah and Tamar, and Joseph in Potiphar's house.
43 KB - Covers Joseph's rise to power in Egypt and the brothers being reunited.
43 KB - Covers Jacob's journey to Egypt, his blessings on his sons, his death and burial, and Joseph forgiving his brothers.