18 Ridgewood Avenue, East Orange, NJ
Meeting Times: Sunday - 10AM (In-Person Bible Study), 11AM (In-Person Worship), 4PM (Zoom Bible Study); Wednesday - 7:30PM (Zoom Bible Study)
Home Study Courses

We are excited to be able to make available a Home Study Course consisting of four lessons: the Bible, the Savior, the Church, and the Judgment. Each lesson consists of brief paragraphs followed by questions to allow you to share your answers and comments.

Each lesson is designed to introduce one of these four foundational ideas in Scripture. We encourage you to ask questions and provide feedback.

These lessons have been designed to work well in a one-on-one (face-to-face) setting. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any of these topics, whether in your home or at a public facility. Hard copies can also be provided to accommodate study.

All lessons are available free of charge!

What is the Bible? What makes the Bible so different?

Who is our Savior, Jesus?

What is the church? Why are there so many different churches?

What is the judgment? How will I be judged?