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Class Materials for Story Of The Bible (Quarter 4, Children)

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273 KB - A letter to parents regarding this quarter's material and some suggestions for making the quarter as helpful as possible for the children.
59 KB - The syllabus for the teachers' class.
62 KB - The syllabus for the children's class.
43 KB - Covers Korah's rebellion and the budding of Aaron's rod.
45 KB - Covers Moses' and Aaron's sin, the fiery serpents, and the conquering of Sihon and Og.
42 KB - Covers the story of Balaam and Balak.
44 KB - Covers the Israelite sin with the Midianites and the vengeance on the Midianites.
44 KB - Covers the request of Reuben and Gad, the cities of refuge, and various other commandments by God.
45 KB - Covers the first speech of Moses to the people of Israel in the last year of their wandering.
45 KB - Covers Moses' introduction to his second speech, including the greatest commandment.
45 KB - Covers more of Moses' second speech, including his exhortation for the Israelites to remember God.
45 KB - Covers Moses' final sermon and the song of God.
43 KB - Covers Moses' death and Joshua's exhortations to Israel.
43 KB - Covers Rahab, the spies in Jericho, and the first part of the Jordan River crossing.
43 KB - Covers the second part of the Jordan River crossing and the end of the wandering.