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Class Materials for The Story Of The Bible

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784 KB - Introduction to the goal of the class and its importance.
1.64 MB - Further introduction to the class; Before the Flood.
1.56 MB - The Flood; Scattering of the People
1.16 MB - The Patriarchs
1.06 MB - The Exodus
1.87 MB - Wandering in the Wilderness
1.02 MB - Invasion and Conquest of the Land
906 KB - The Judges
1.3 MB - The United Kingdom
2.83 MB - The Divided Kingdom
2.25 MB - Judah Alone
699 KB - The Captivity
1.19 MB - Return from Captivity
2.55 MB - Years of Silence (The Intertestamental Period)
1.93 MB - Life of Christ
628 KB - The Early Church; Letters to the Christians