Various Artists

Ain’t Got Time to Die (Columbia Singers)

Dare To Stand Like Joshua (Florida State College Choir)

Down In The River To Pray (Alison Krauss)

Fishers of Men (Rhonda Vincent & The Rage)

Here I Am to Worship (Richland Hills church of Christ)

My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord (Moses Hogan Chorale)

O Come O Come Emmanuel (Sam Robson)

Soon and Very Soon (Salford Mennonite Church, Harleysville, PA)

Steal Away to Jesus (MetroSingers, Hyattsville, PA)

When I Get Home (NewFound Road)

When I Travel My Last Mile (He’ll Hold My Hand)  (Rhonda Vincent & The Rage)

4 Responses to Various Artists

  1. montelle says:

    Thank you for the really great songs you have downloaded here! This one [Down in the River to Pray] is a special favorite to me. It’s good to be in “the information age”!

  2. montelle says:

    This part of the “corner” just keeps getting better! It’s great to have new things added here regularly, and to have ongoing interaction. The song “When I’ve Gone my Last Mile (He’ll Hold My Hand) is beautiful, and the thoughts in it are very comforting.

  3. percybramble says:

    you’re right Montelle, “down in the river” is a nice song. Why don’t we get the lyrics for it and sing in the next time we have song practice.

  4. Juliet Mendez says:

    This is a good source to obtain the sheet music for “Down in the River to Pray”

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