8. Greeting Those Who Walk Through the Door

A number of studies have been done where members of a church are asked what attracted them to their particular congregation.  Invariably, high on the list of such studies is the “friendliness” of the members during initial visit(s) to their services.

Why is it so important?  Most who visit a church are either looking for the Lord (or a better relationship with Him), or they are looking for a better environment in which to worship Him.  They are looking for a place that will facilitate worshipping God.  Those of us who are members here can help put them at ease and ensure they have found such a church by meeting and greeting them.  Sometimes all it takes is a friendly smile, a warm welcome, a “Hey, we’re glad you’re here; we want you to come back; and, we’re here to help!”

Can a person be saved without such a welcome?  Quite obviously, and some have!  However, it makes it more difficult to introduce the Gospel to them.  Our example in the New Testament is to reach out to them, welcome them, help them to want what we have to offer!

Take advantage of the opportunity our Lord is giving us and welcome them!



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