6. Everybody Is Different

Different Sowers; Different Soils…

We are all different.  None of us can copy exactly the words, the tone, etc. of someone else.  Be yourself.  You will be most comfortable being you.

Likewise, every prospect you meet will be different.  They will come from different backgrounds, etc., and they will have different responses or reactions to what you are offering.  As you come to know them better, if you do, they will be completely individual.

We are seeking to address their individual needs and wants with what we have to offer.  In some respects, needs and wants are universal (we all need to breathe; we all need the Lord, e.g.)  This is where we begin.  However, as we address the individual, we begin to adapt.  This we do by listening - by recognizing where the individual is, where he’s coming from, etc.

Still, this brings us back to the what we have to offer.  For, it is not where we differ, but the need we have in common.  Simply put, every situation in life is made better by having Jesus in it!  This is what we share with them from the standpoint of genuine concern.

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