Hello World!

Michael’s Corner is alive and well, or up and running, or whatever…!

Check back often for updates, additional info, etc.  (There will be various posts on the Devotionals page (click for the latest).  However, I will be posting things under any of the above tabs from time to time.  Watch for new tabs yet to be added!

Hey, post your comments freely (well, maybe not toooo freely!)  Seriously, I welcome your response.


Note:  The Devotionals page will be a simple thought for the day type page.  I’ll post a Verse of Scripture, an inspirational thought, something I run across of a “religious nature,” all in the interest of our growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I’ll usually make a few simple comments and you are invited to respond with your comments or questions.

5 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Brian Watson says:

    I think this is awesome Mike!

  2. virgo2468 says:

    This is compared in a very simple true example. When our life is use as an example we respond to the situation more appropriately.

  3. JWilliamson says:

    Hello! We had two of your members visit our church this past Wed and they gave me your business card for this site. I think you have a great tool here, I look forward to exploring it some more. Your sister in Christ, from GA.

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