Quarter 4: Edification

Edification should identify the Lord’s church. Each member should be a vital part of “building up the house” of God, lending his or her particular talents to increase the faith in the local church.   

 Romans 15:2Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to his edification.


1stAM Sermon: Edification in My Church (theme-related; Michael) – Our worship should be different – exactly what God wants from us.  

15thAM Sermon: The Malachi Principle: Those Who Fear the Lord (theme-related; Michael) – Part 2 from Malachi 3 and 4 will picture those who edify one another.


5thAM Sermon: Provoke Your Brother There must be a balance in our worship of spirit and Truth  (theme-related; Michael)

26thAM Sermon: In the Balances;  PM Sermon: It Reared Its Ugly Head (both theme-related; Michael)


3rdAM Sermon: Mutual Support (theme-related; Michael) – In order to edify one another, we must mutually support each other in love.  PM Sermon: Consideration of Romans 14:1-15:3 (both theme-related; Michael)

10thPM Sermon: PM Sermon: Consideration of Romans 14:1-15:3, Part 2(theme-related; Michael)

17thAM Sermon: Discipling (theme-related; Michael)

25th AM Sermon: Edification in My Church Wrap-Up (theme-related; Wes); Sunday Evening Singing: Blest Be the Tie (theme-related; Michael)

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