Quarter 1: Order

The Lord’s church should be identified by order.    

1 Corinthians 14:40: Let all things be done decently and in order.


1st – AM Sermon: New Year; New Theme; New Plan - Michael will introduce this year’s theme with an overview of the concentrations to be focused on this year as well as exploring each one making a renewed commitment to God.  Michael also will preview a proposal for Sunday evening teaching formats.  PM Sermon: The Church in Ephesus: Beginnings (both theme-related; Michael)

8th AM Sermon: Order in My Church  (theme-related; Michael)the Lord wants all things to be done “decently and in order.” 

22nd AM Sermon: The Lord’s Goal for Unity; PM Sermon: The Church in Ephesus: Established (both theme-related; Michael).


5th AM Sermon:  Built Upon One Foundation; PM Sermon: The Church in Ephesus: Death (both theme-related; Michael)

12th AM Sermon:  Characteristics of Disciples (theme-related; Wes); PM Sermon: Characteristics of the C-h-u-r-c-h (theme-related; Greg Sprowl)

19th AM Sermon: Fitly Framed Together (theme-related; Michael)

26th – AM Sermon: Why We Do What We Do: Debates (theme-related; Michael); Sunday Evening Debate on Instrumental Music, Pt. 1  (Wes and Michael)


5th – AM Sermon: It All Hinges On…; PM Sermon: Sunday Evening Debate on Instrumental Music, Pt. 2  (Wes and Michael)

19th AM Sermon: Decently and in Order (theme-related; Michael)

 26th – AM Sermon: Order in My Church Wrap-Up (theme-related; Michael); Sunday Evening Singing  (theme-related; Wes)

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