In My Church

In 2017, we will be focusing our attention on what Jesus says one should find  In My Church.  We intend to focus our attention on what should be found in the Lord’s church, what characterizes or identifies it.  Our attention will be drawn in each respective quarter to:  Quarter 1, Order; Quarter 2, Truth; Quarter 3, Unity; and, Quarter 4, Edification. 

Our Theme Verses will be Matthew 16:18 – “Upon this rock I will build My church.”

We plan to devote a number of lessons, as well as coordinate various classes, activities and events, to promote this theme in our worship services, classes and beyond.

Check back often to see the latest updates and outline of what we’ll be doing!  (A schedule of sermons is divided into quarters on this page.)

(For the Reading Schedule, please see main page @ or click the Link to East Orange Church of Christ at right)

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