What Would You Do?

What would you do for the Gospel’s sake?  Consider what Paul said he did as he discusses the Gospel in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23.

Though free from all, Paul made himself servant to all, that he might gain (win) more of them.  Of course he did that by identifying with others, by finding things in common with them, to share in the practices of others (out of choice, not compulsion) to refrain from offending them.  Paul respected the feasts the Jews practiced, complying where he could – so, Timothy had to be circumcised before joining Paul, etc. – because to the Jews I became as a Jew…  He likewise showed respect to Gentiles and their practices, to those without Law to God, as without Law (though not in violation of the Law of Christ – i.e. doing what he could without violating the Law of God).  To the weak I became as weak, holding back, not “unloading on them.”  He did what he could when he could so that he might gain them, that he might by all means save some (:22).

What if all members of the church had that sacrificial attitude toward others?  What if every member wanted to meet others where they are, giving where they could?  What if the goal of every member was to gain or win or save others?


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