Open Heart; Open Mind

Often we encounter people with interest in Spiritual things, perhaps even specific Bible questions.  Certainly it is our responsibility as Christians to be ready with answers (as we are best prepared to do so), to give “reasons” why we believe what we believe and why we have the “hope” (the expectation of acceptance and future glory) that we do.  The Bible obviously impresses this responsibility upon us (see 1 Peter 3:15).  To be sure we always want to approach such explanations with “meekness and fear” to demonstrate that we have “sanctified the Lord Christ in our hearts.”

To reciprocate, however, requires an individual to listen, to attend our explanation, with an open mind, or open heart.  This does not mean he must immediately accept what we are saying, but it does mean that it will be given an honest evaluation.  A great example of doing so may be found in Acts 16:14 with Lydia “whose heart the Lord opened in that she attended to the things being spoken by Paul.”

So many things interfere with having an open heart or open mind – preconceived ideas, bias, prejudice, tradition, even dishonesty.  We must strive to set aside everything but a willingness to consider the truth of what is being said, weighed only against Scripture.  Else, it will be virtually impossible to maintain an open heart, open mind.


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