“Begin All Over Again”

What if we could “begin all over again”?  What would we do differently?  What mistakes would we avoid?  What choices would we make?  If we “knew then what we know now,” what would we do.

Truthfully, we cannot “begin all over again.”  Our lives consist of a number of choices – thoughts, feelings, actions – and we are where we are because of them.  Yet, Spiritually, God has blessed us with the choice of allowing old things to pass away, for all things to become new (2 Corinthians 5:17).  Paul speaks of one who has become a Christian, taken advantage of the death of Christ (:14).  For that Christian, there is a new outlook on life, a new perspective, a new reality of purpose (:15).  He is a new creation (re-created in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:10); and, therefore, all that he was before – all the mistakes, sins, bad choices, all the things he would have done differently – has passed away.  Thus, Spiritually, he really can “begin all over again.”

That is a wonderful blessing!

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