You Never Know

Shortly before services Wednesday evening a friend of mine called me from Illinois.  Had I heard about Carrol Sutton he asked.  I had known Brother Sutton and his family for many years.  Brother Sutton preached in North Alabama for some 60 years.  At age 85, he was still “going strong.”  My friend told me he had been killed in a tragic auto accident and his wife was in critical condition.  As an example of his work, years ago my good friend’s parents had been converted by him and they went on to raise 6 faithful children.  Brother Sutton gave me a book once, and in the dedication said my work “would go on to influence generations yet unborn.”  I value that encouragement highly.  I know his work will certainly do so. 

Disease and old age commonly take people on a daily basis.  We come to expect it.  Yet, death may come in a moment when we least expect it.  There and then, suddenly, the sum total of our life will forever be our record.  We may believe we have “a lot of time,” but, truly, you never know.

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